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Some great facts about guava in health protection - Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Great facts about guava in health protection. For us to stay healthy, healthy food is very important. Healthy foods first include a variety of fruits. Fruit is a very necessary food for our body.

We eat a variety of fruits. But we do not know the exact benefit of these fruits. So I will share with you very important information about a fruit we know today. One of our most familiar fruits is guava. Most of us people have eaten this guava. But many of us know nothing about the qualities of this guava. So since we always eat this guava, then we must know what are the benefits to our body by eating this fruit. Today you will know about the quality of guava. How much guava we eat unknowingly benefits us.

Let us know how beneficial eating guava is for us 

  • It is very important to eat more guava to increases the immunity of our body. Many of us get sick more and more. The biggest reason behind us getting more and more sick is the decreases in the body's immunity. Guava is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to increase immunity in our body. This vitamin C-rich guava fruit should be eaten more by all of us.

  • Guava works as a medicine to cure cancer. So it is best to eat guava to reduce the risk of cancer. The Vitamin C and polyphenol antioxidants present in guava act as a cure for cancer.

  • We all know about diabetes. Those who have diabetes have to keep their diabetes under control. Guava is a good fruit for controlling diabetes. Guava contains a lot of fiber but the glycemic index is low. So this guava controls the level of sugar in our blood. So if you feed guava to diabetics, their diabetes will be under control.

  • It is very good to eat guava to keep the heart healthy. Guava controls the levels of potassium, sodium, cholesterol and triglycerides in our body. Which keeps our heart healthy. It is important for us to eat guava to get rid of heart block and more different heart problems. 

  • It is very important for you to eat guava if you have a disease like constipation. If you have constipation, you should make a habit of eating guava once a day. If you can eat guava once a day, you can get rid of constipation.

Each fruit contains very important vitamins, which are essential for our body. We eat a lot of fruits all the time. But most people have very little idea of what these fruits contain and how important they are to our bodies. Each fruit works for our body as a medicine for our survival. One of them is guava. There may be more useful things in this guava than what I have said about your guava. Which we may not know yet. It will benefit us if we have a good idea of what we eat. I hope my tips will be useful to you.

Thank You.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Some awesome information on our health care - Health Department

Health Department

Awesome information on our health care. And health department most important to us. So today I will give you some great tips related to health. Hope you will benefit. We have to take food to survive. We know very little about the nutritional value of the foods we eat to survive. So I will share some important information with you.

Make a habit of eating nuts everyday. Because almonds are a very beneficial food for our body. Cholesterol builds up in our body as a result of eating oily foods. This cholesterol is very harmful for our body. Because if the cholesterol in the body increases, your efficiency will decrease. Cholesterol will result in more sleep. Cholesterol also causes a lot of damage to our body. So to reduce cholesterol from the body, make it a habit to eat 4 nuts everyday. Eating walnuts also improves the condition of the hair. Hair loss is reduced. Eating nuts reduce the risk of heart damage. The brain is keen and the brain works better as a result of eating these nuts.

We love to eat more spices in any food. Onions are most needed to make this spice. Just like we eat onions, we can use our physical problems without eating onions. When we have a fever, our nose closes. We use different drops to get rid of this nasal congestion problem. But onion is a vegetable that will help a lot in eliminating the problem of closing your nose. Most of our noses are closed when we go to sleep. As a result of this nasal congestion, we cannot sleep properly at night. So if your nose is closed before you go to sleep, lie down with an onion under the pillow. You will see that after a while the problem of closing your nose with the smell of onion is gone.

We don't just have to eat food to survive, we have to drink water. That is why water is said to be our min source of survival. We can't really think of surviving without water. We need to drink water every day but there are some right times to drink water. If we drink water at the right time then it will be very beneficial for our body. we can wake up in the morning and drink water. And can drink water before brushing teeth. If we can do this practice, we will benefit a lot physically. Drinking water 30 minutes before lunch is very good for our stomach. It is best to drink a glass of water before going to bed to avoid physical fatigue and stomach problems. In addition, if you drink water before going to sleep, sleep is better. Drink more water when you get sick. Drinking more water will fix your physical problem very quickly and you will not get tired.

Many people like to eat a lot of hot food. When we got to eat these hot foods, our tongue gets burnt. Not many people know what we can do if tongue burns. If you get burnt tongue while eating hot food, immediately rinse with cold water. As a result, the tongue can not burn more. If the burning of the tongue is too much, apply Canolag In Orabes Ointment Cotton Butt on the affected part of the tongue. This will fix the tongue very quickly.

Many of us work a lot at night. A lot of office work has to be done at night. Many also study at night. But most of us don't have the ability to come home from work all day and wake up. More sleep comes because the body is tired. There is a tip if you want to get rid of sleep. I hope you can try the sleep deprivation tips will work. If you want to get rid of sleep, hold your breath for as long as possible and let go. Do this a few times and after a while you will see that the sleep is gone.

Many of us suffer from bad breath. There is a tip for them. The first thing is that you need to brush well twice regularly to get rid of bad breath. Use good quality toothpaste. If you don't get rid of bad breath after using these, you can eat guava. Because guava is the only fruit that eliminates bad breath.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

What are the best ways to take care of your health? Health Care

Health Care

You can understand the best ways to take care of your health by reading my post. Health care is most important in our daily life. There are many reasons why wee cannot take proper care of our health in our daily life. But if we don't take proper care of our health, we will get sick very easily.

Thinking about your health, today I will share with you some health related tips. Every person should be careful in health protection. Health is the source of all human happiness. So we should manage our own lives keeping an eye on our health.

What problems occur when health is damaged

Eating too little can be detrimental to our health. And overeating can also be detrimental to our health. If you eat extra oily foods then there is a lot of damage to health. Excessive consumption of fast food foods increases the risk of health damage. Eating vinegar is bad for your health. 

Did you know that even if there is excess dust, it is harmful to health? Air pollution causes huge damage to our health. Naturally, we have created the risks of our health problems ourselves. Excessive dust, air pollution and noise pollution are the problems we humans have created. As a result, the risks of our health problems does not decreases as we walk.

What we can do to protect our health

You must take care of your body to keep yourself healthy. Be sure to stay clean to avoid the risk of health problems. Take regular baths. Cut down on oily foods. Because eating oily foods will make your face oily. This is a healthy risk. Since we humans are good eaters. So we can't stop ourselves from eating any food but we can bring it under control. Your little effort will keep your healthy. If the health is beautiful and good, the disease will be less.

Be sure to use a mask if you have to fall in front of the dusty sand somewhere when going out. Keep a mask with you because the mask is a very important thing for us. Excess dust and sand will enter our body through our nose and make us sick, so if we use a mask, we will be able to avoid this problem of dust and sand. 

Excessive noise pollution causes a lot of damage to human health. We need to increase our sense of responsibility to avoid problems like noise pollution. One should be careful not to harm oneself and others.

We want every human being to always be healthy. And to stay healthy, our health care is very important. Make sure you walk regularly to protect your health. Practice regular exercise to stay healthy and beautiful. To maintain good health, you need to eat more green vegetables. Green vegetables are rich in vitamins which are very beneficial for our health. In order to survive and live a healthy life, it is better for us to do everything with a little caution. You have to take care of yourself for the protection of health. The best way to stay healthy is to make a routine of eating a nutritious meal regularly. Unhealthy foods are the most harmful to health. Eating too many foods lowers our body's immune system and we can get sick. You have to take care of yourself to protect your health. Remember you can make changes to each of your jeans.

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Here are some tips to help you survive the coronavirus | Health


Some tips to help you survive the coronavirus. To take care of your health, today I will share with you some tips related to coronavirus. Currently the biggest and most terrifying name is coronavirus. Because coronavirus is a deadly disease. The hole world has stopped today because of this coronavirus. Coronavirus is a contagious disease. So it is a terrible disease.

How much coronavirus harms us 

Coronavirus is spread through human sneezing. And is also spread through the touch of an infected person. Scientists are still researching coronavirus. Many people are dying everyday because of this virus. We have to follow some rules to prevent coronavirus infection. The government of each country has issued lockdown due to coronavirus. As a result of lockdown, people should stay healthy from home. 

As a result of lockdown, corona infection in different countries came under control. But every country has suffered economically due to the lockdown. It has happened that people cannot survive without action. Because if you don't work, money will not come and food will not be available without money.

The real things is the way to protect yourself from the virus

The Coronavirus is being transmitted to humans in a variety of ways. Coronaviruses are transmitted to humans in various forms by altering their genes. As a result of mutation in the genes of the coronavirus, that is, simply changing the form of the coronavirus, it is not possible to find a complete vaccine for it. We have already seen different types of coronavirus. Since scientists are still researching to cure coronavirus. So we have to follow some rules to avoid the attack of coronavirus. We will not be able to eradicate the coronavirus until we find the right medicine to cure the coronavirus, but if we follow some rules, we will be able to avoid its attack. Read on to find out what we can do to prevent coronavirus attack.

  • To avoid coronavirus attacks, you must use a mask when you go out. This is because the coronavirus is transmitted to humans very quickly through human sneezing and inhalation. So if you have to go out very much, then you must go out after the mask.

  • Since coronavirus is a contagious disease. And touching an infected person actually increases the risk of being infected with the coronavirus. So be sure to refrain from touching the face with your own hands. Because if you come in contact with a corona-infected person and if you put your hand over your eyes and mouth, the coronavirus is spread through it. 

  • Be sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap or keep your hands clean with hands sanitizer after a while. Clean hygiene greatly reduces the risk of coronavirus infection. 

  • Come from outside and change the clothes on your body. And wash the clothes thoroughly with soap and try to keep them clean. The right thing to do is not to go out of the house without an urgent need.

  • Try to keep your distance from people. Try not to overcrowd. Try to come very little to the touch of people.

What to do if you get infected with coronavirus

Coronavirus is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world today. There is no way to tell if you have coronavirus in your body with the naked eye. If you want to know if you have coronavirus in you body then you must get tested for coronavirus. Coronavirus cannot be seen with the naked eye. So only after testing for coronavirus can you know if you have coronavirus. Many of us get infected with the coronavirus in many ways because we humans are out most of the time. If you are infected with the coronavirus then there is no reason to be afraid. After being infected with the coronavirus, some things can be done to heal very quickly. Things we can do after being infected with the coronavirus.

  • If you are infected with coronavirus, you must try to stay at home quarantine. That means try to stay in a separate room. Try to stay away from your family for at least  days. Try to stay away from family alone as your family may be affected because of you. So be sure to try to talk to the family while maintaining distance. If you are infected with the coronavirus, you cannot go out of the house. of course, refrain from going out without getting well.

  • If you are infected with coronavirus, try to drink more water and fruit juice. This means that you need to drink more water and food after being infected with the coronavirus. Eat more fruits that increase immunity.

  • Be sure follow the doctor's advice after being infected with coronavirus. Maintain distance and use your mask properly.

We have no idea when the coronavirus will end in our world. But remember that one day the coronavirus will be gone from our world. Many people have died from coronavirus in our world. You must have made me a creator. Who created the whole earth and the heavens. He knows everything. The coronavirus came into our world at the behest of our creator. One day we will go again at the command of our creator. Trust in the God. He is the best judge. The creator gives disease to whom he will and fees whom he wills from disease. So pray to the creator who gave us this virus to stay away from the coronavirus. Be patient and follow the instruction given by the government of your country. Be sure to follow the doctor's advice. One day we will get rid of this coronavirus epidemic. God is with us.

Thanks For Read.

Some great facts about guava in health protection - Healthy Food

Great facts about guava in health protection . For us to stay healthy , healthy food is very important. Healthy foods first include a varie...